Factors Required for Selecting a Retaining Wall – Cranberry Township

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

There are different retaining walls depending on material, size and budget of the client. They are not only functional but they also enhance the landscape aesthetically. They can also be formed as many small walls to make levels in a landscape area, or sometimes only one small wall is enough. They can serve many purposes like they keep the soil away from the structure, or they can surround a planted area.

You can see any of such retaining wall in Cranberry Township. Similarly, a large retaining wall can provide you a separate area for BBQ or plying, etc but no matter what is the reason behind making this wall; you need to consider certain factors before making a selection in terms of material and size etc. These factors are described here:

* You should know how much height you require, as it would determine the material that is good for the wall.

* You should know your local council rules and regulations to see how much high you can build a wall, as every area has its own laws.

* You should decide if you need a curve or a straight wall, as it depends on the area where you want to construct it.

* If you are not building it yourself then you need a professional who should be chosen carefully as experience is required to build it. However, if you want to do it yourself, you can use a dry stack product.

* You must decide the color you want; as not every material has color variation hence may be you have to be limited.

* You should know the purpose, as if you need it to support a structure or for decorative reason. A structural wall should be very strong, hence should be built using mortar.

* You should know your budget.

All these factors will help you choose a right product for your retaining wall, and if living near Cranberry Township you can find many products in this regard. There are certain show rooms which help you in making a selection.

For example, if you want to use a dry stack for this wall you can choose blocks that can be laid without any mortar. Such blocks are made with concrete and are available in both solid and hollow form. However, dry stack walls cannot have many sizes, so you have to be limited with them. But, if walls are built using mortar then you can make them as high as you want, because they are strong enough. Besides such walls are cheaper than blocks, however it requires manual labor and it’s a time consuming job. But the best thing is that you can apply any color in the form of the paint, and that is not possible in dry stack wall.

But the whole process needs a certain expertise which you can easily get in Cranberry Township, as there are several good companies for retaining wall construction.


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