Month: July 2013

Tips for Buying Curtains

You have finally gotten the remodel on your house completed and now it's time to start working on the inside of your home. You want new furniture, new carpeting, new scatter rugs, and above all, you want to replace your curtains with those gorgeous Custom Window...

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Trends in kitchen remodeling

Fifty or more years ago the kitchen was that big, warm room in the house where the whole family tended to get together, the kitchen was definitely the focal point of the house. Today, things have changed dramatically to the point where very few families eat in the...

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The ultimate goal of pest control

Pest control is the elimination or at least minimization of a wide range of objectionable insects and vermin from spaces usually occupied by people. Roseville pest control can happen in the home, a business space or in a public building and usually involves the use of...

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