Trends in kitchen remodeling

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Home Improvement

Fifty or more years ago the kitchen was that big, warm room in the house where the whole family tended to get together, the kitchen was definitely the focal point of the house. Today, things have changed dramatically to the point where very few families eat in the kitchen anymore but those who still do must take the current designs and products into account when they consider kitchen remodeling in Birmingham.

Many people go boldly ahead with a remodeling program without giving due thought to the future; what would a potential home buyer look for if you were to move? If you can be sure that you will never move, then a future buyer is of no interest but if you think that you will sell sooner or later then you should plan ahead and take a few things into consideration as you plan your kitchen remodeling project.

What are the market leaders in trends?

The best way to determine what the current trends are is to arrange to visit high end homes that are currently under construction. The expensive properties lead the way in setting trends; it is here where you will find ideas that will be critical if your plan is to sell your home any time soon. Homes which carry price tags of half a million dollars and up drive the decorating and construction trends of the future; these trends in turn trickle down to middle market and influence choices when a remodeling project is being undertaken.

Who is buying houses these days?

If you have been in your home for some time there is a good chance you are a “baby boomer,” if you are then you are certainly getting older, perhaps you have even retired by now. If this is the case you probably will be quite content to stay in your home or if you do move it will be to a retirement community. Today’s buyers are from the Gen X age, whereas you are looking to downsize, they are looking to buy bigger because their families are growing and they need the space. This is the generation that you need to pay attention too when planning.

What’s hot and what’s not?

Yesterdays trends are out, they simply won’t work. Kitchen remodeling in Birmingham is a tricky thing, the truth is the kitchen is outdated the moment the last nail has been driven; this is why you have to do your homework before you commit.

1. Make sure the new kitchen matches the décor of the home, plan the renovation around the theme of your home.
2. Countertops are in, but not Formica. Today the trend is high end granite or marble, they are long lasting and beautiful.
3. A single overhead light is out, task lighting is in. The days of fluorescent tubes are long gone; today recessed lighting over the sink, stove, prep areas, etc is in as it provides a warm homey environment which is also comfortable to work with.
4. Floors are in; long wooden planks of darker wood such as cherry or mahogany are very popular as is terracotta.

Whatever you choose; a complete remodeling job or simply resurfacing and upgrading your existing cabinets, countertops etc can be time consuming. Take your time, visit expensive homes and read up on kitchen trends.

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