Common Types Of Shades And Blinds In Burlington Vermont

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Shades and blinds in Burlington Vermont have many different purposes. Some products are designed to eliminate the amount of heat and sunlight that penetrate a home. People also purchase window coverings for privacy and stylish decoration. There are many different designs and types of blinds and shades to choose from.

One of the more costly options you may look into is called plantation shutters. These are typically designed to help facilitate air flow throughout a room. Thick cuts of wood are held together to create a stylish look. Most often, plantation shutters are installed by professionals who will take the time to carefully measure each window space. While this option does cost more money than others, plantation shutters are designed to last a very long time, and the money you’ll save from this investment may be worth a little extra money in the beginning. In addition, there are many colors to choose from which is convenient for homeowners who want a unique look that complements the existing style of their home.

Honeycomb blinds are another kind of covering you may consider when looking for Shades and blinds in Burlington Vermont. This is a top choice for people who live in areas where the sun is constantly shining. Honeycomb blinds are intended to protect rooms from the bright light and UV rays of the sun. This option is quite common for homeowners who want to be energy efficient and save money on their utility bills.

An elegant alternative to other types of shades and blinds in Burlington Vermont are Roman shades. If you are someone who doesn’t like to take the time to clean or dust your window coverings, you may consider this option. Roman shades can be taken down and washed like curtains. There are countless options to choose from and you can create a unique versatile look by adding Roman shades to your home. You can choose fabric color and design to make your shades unlike any others.

For large homes with a second story, a great option to assist with privacy is bottom-up shades. The name practically describes how these shades work. These shades are designed to be pulled up to block the window. For people who are seeking privacy, especially on a second story, bottom-up shades would successfully do the job. You have the option of pulling the blinds up halfway so you can still have light coming through the upper half of the room without having to worry about passersby seeing everything that goes on inside.

Design Matters offers a variety of shades & blinds that will fit your home perfectly with the existing design in Burlington Vermont.

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