Luxury Additions to Make a Home in Naples Feel More Special

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Construction and Maintenance

No matter if a person is building a new home or has been living in the same one for many years, they may feel like a special quality is missing. Although they appreciate what they currently have in place, they also want to add a bit more excitement and personal style. Luxury room additions are a great way to get this done. These extra spaces can increase the individuality and value of their property. Here are some ideas for them to choose from.

Exterior Kitchen

When a homeowner has guests over for a cookout or outdoor picnic, they have to run back and forth to bring items from the kitchen to the yard. While their visitors laugh and talk, they may be in constant motion or stuck behind a grill. To get more fun out of these events, they can add an exterior kitchen to their home.

Custom home builders in Naples, FL, can add a grill, refrigerator, and even a dishwasher so homeowners can better enjoy the day.


When children are small, they can find a lot of room to play within the home. As they get older, they may need more space for their toys and to run around without getting in trouble. When custom home builders in Naples, FL, create a playroom within the home, it can store their toys, school supplies and furniture. This will allow parents to enjoy the rest of the home without tripping over their stuff.

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