The Care and Maintenance Provided by a Residential Roofers in Topeka, KS

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Construction and Maintenance

In order to avoid running into frequent roof-related issues and make your roof weather resistant, you need to provide preventive maintenance and regular care. Proper maintenance will help prolong your roof’s life and, in most cases, will only require repair compared to replacement, once the problem has been identified. However, several factors are likely to influence the inspection frequency by a professional residential roofers in Topeka, KS.

Factors Influencing Frequency of Roof Repairs

The frequency of inspection depends largely on:

* Problems identified in previous inspections
* Rooftop foot traffic
* Latest weather events
* The age of your roof

However, it is crucial that you schedule the inspections with your roofer at least every 6 month -; in fall and spring.

Things to Remember

* During the inspection, the goal is to identify and create a repair plan for items that show problems
* After severe weather conditions such as a hurricane or windstorm, always carry out a visual inspection of your roof and inspect for damage done
* The inspection should also aid in looking for signs of earlier leaks and any other problems to ensure that the repairs are still intact
* During the inspection, any accumulated debris and loose object should be removed to reduce chances of moisture holding
* The trees near your home should be trimmed to prevent the overgrown branches from rubbing up against your roof as well as leaves accumulating on the roof resulting in clogged gutters and drains
* Check downspouts and gutters for debris such as twigs and leaves
* For those along the hurricane corridor, gutters should have gutter straps to resist the uplift
* Inspect rooftop equipment and vents to ensure that they are fast sealed.
* If you have just experienced hail, with stones larger than three-quarters an inch, make sure you contact your insurance service provider and have the roof inspected immediately for damage that you might not be aware of

Business Name is quite helpful if you have real concerns after the maintenance review of your roof. The professionals will also help you find out your roof’s health, estimated roof life as well as aid you create a maintenance plan, and the identification of extra steps that need to be taken to protect your roof further.

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