What to consider with custom deck installation

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Construction and Maintenance

A new deck is a beautiful addition to any home and is a place where many family memories will be made and fondly remembered. From fourth of July cook outs to birthday celebrations, the deck offers a place for family and friends to gather for any occasion. If your deck is in need of a renovation or you need a new one built, you will want to look into custom deck installation. An experienced contractor can install your new deck according to spec to ensure the very best results for your home.

Deck Design

When considering custom deck installation, there are some basic components to keep in mind. The first is what the design of the deck will be. This is because there are many different design options available so it helps to compare the ones with the most appeal. If you and your family will be sharing the space, it is a nice idea to include them at the design and discovery phase so that they have a say in how the deck is positioned in the home. Pergolas and covered decks are also an option when comparing the available designs to select from.

Choosing the best stains

If your deck is wooden, you can actually choose a stain to set into the Outdoor Deck Installation in Silverdale. The stain could be a light coloured bamboo or a rich and dark mahogany. Whichever stain is chosen, it will be necessary to seal it in order to make certain that it stays put for the long run. The right stain can fully transform your custom deck installation and will make it truly stand out. The staining process is simple and can even be done alone at a convenient time.


A wooden deck requires extra special care because over time, the wood can become rotted from too much exposure to the elements. It is helpful to discuss sealant options with the installer which will help you to protect your deck for many more years to come. After your custom deck installation, the contractor will likely place a sealant if your decking is comprised of wood. This will help to keep the deck strong and protected for a long time.

Decks provide an outdoor space where the entire family can come together and convene. Make sure your deck looks its very best with a professional custom deck installation.

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