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There are various painting techniques and each requires skill, which can be obtained through a qualified painting contractor in Scarsdale, NY. However, there are certain techniques which if followed properly, you can do them yourself. While doing it, you should be confident as mistakes will make you perfect in the end, besides a coat of paint can fix anything, hence no worries.

For a color wash, you need a wide brush; however rubbing is done with a cloth. Color wash is an ideal way of creating an old look when done on a rough plastered wall. This can be more successful when done with a color rub in tones as raw sienna, yellow ochre and burnt sienna. However, whatever you use, the colors should be similar in tone.

Materials required for these techniques

* Water based paints

* Acrylic scumble glaze or oil based paint

* Water

* Methylated spirit

* Brushes, as 4inches bristle, 2 inches bristle

* soft absorbent cloth

* paint tray

* plastic bag

* pair of surgical gloves

Same materials are used by the team of painting contractor; however other techniques need certain tools, which are easily available in Scarsdale, NY and other places.

Preparing the base

You should do it by applying a coat of water based paint like semi-gloss or matte paint. It should be white, however if you want to use an oil based paint for the walls, then base should also be in the same paint.


The method of color washing involves following steps:

* First of all mix both water and water based paint, and you can add more paint if it’s a thin mixture. Take a paint tray, cover it with plastic and put some paint into it. Always wear gloves while doing this and rest of the job.

* Then make the wall wet using a water soaked brush or a bunched cloth. It should be done up to 2 sq ft.

* Make the color patches on the wall, leaving a wet border along the section, making it easier to blend.

* Take a dry brush and make a cross-hatched pattern followed by other strokes, covering the previous stroke. After every stroke you should wipe the brush with dry cloth.

Color rubbing method

* First mix both water and water based paint in equal quantities. You can add more water for a thin mixture. You can extend the time by adding a scumble glaze, then cover the plate with a plastic bag and put paint over it. Then repeat the section 2 of a color wash process that is described above.

* Then Dab patches of color on the wet wall, leaving a wet border along for blending. Then you should apply a dark color in a honey comb pattern, filling the gaps with one or two lighter colors.

* Then blend the colors, using a damp cloth in the form of a twist. You should start it with palest color followed by a darker color until both are blended. This process of a continuous rubbing creates a soft effect.

Always let the first coat dry for 24 hours, before second and third rubbing. Same method is required when using oil based paint. If you find it difficult to paint, then better hire a painting contractor if you live in Scarsdale, NY or nearby.

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