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If You Have a Pool Salt Chlorinator, Consider Your Many Other Options

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It used to be that the arrival of summer brought with it the distinctive smell of chemical chlorine. Most swimming pools were cleaned with this type of chlorine, which while perfectly useful and effective, carries its own set of potential problems to go along with the smell. As science

Don’t Fight Mold Alone, Get Help with Mold Remediation in San Jose

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Mold remediation is complicated and if it isn’t done correctly, the mold can spread to other areas of your home and/or it can grow back. While you can take on the job of cleaning mold yourself, it is far better to hire a professional company to do mold remediation

Polished Travertine: A Unique Look

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Travertine can be polished, tumbled, honed or brushed in order to alter its texture. Polished travertine often is the ideal choice, if you are looking for a modern high end “shine”, traditionally associated with Marbles, with the diversity in color ranges that can only be found in Travertines. Polished

Selecting A Reputable Contractor To Repair Your Foundation

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If you find yourself with foundation problems, you need to find a foundation repair company soon. If you delay, and the issue turns out to be serious, you could cause your home expensive, if not irreparable damage. Yet, how do you locate the right company in Houston? Sure, it

Benefits of Hiring a Residential Cleaning Service in Palm Beach

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There are many benefits to hiring a residential cleaning service in Palm Beach. If you have a busy lifestyle, you probably wonder how in the world you can keep up with everything involved in cleaning your home. If you have trouble maintaining order in your home, it might be

How To Protect Your Property From Termites

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For many homeowners, termites are a constant threat. Often described as the “silent destroyer”, termites can damage the foundations of your property, because they feed on cellulose-based plant materials. No matter how your home was constructed or what its age may be, if it is designed with wood-type materials,