What You Need to Know About Grasscloth Wallpaper

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Home and Garden

Grasscloth wallpaper is a genuine quality type of wall covering. There are some things you should know when it comes to this kind of wallpaper. If you are new to learning about grasscloth, you should know where to avoid putting it, how to make it stick to the wall and where to use it. You should know about its quality as well. This wallpaper is different than the rest.

Avoid Putting in a Bathroom

You may wonder if you can put grasscloth in the bathroom. However, it is best to avoid it due to the humidity build up. If the bathroom is a full-length “powder room” or bathroom where the grasscloth would be next to the toilet, it should definitely not be in there. If you have a large bathroom where the moisture never builds up on the walls, the grasscloth should be okay to use.

High Traffic Areas

There are varieties of grasscloth. Most of them have single strands of sea grass that is held in place by a thin cotton thread, as well as a light adhesive to a rice paper backing. The adhesive is usually water sensitive, and that is why some manufacturers will mention never to wipe it with a sponge that is wet. When you put the grasscloth wallpaper in a high traffic area, such as a hallway, you can easily damage it by hitting it with the vacuum cleaner, moving furniture, or someone bumping into it.

Matching the Wallpaper

You may wonder how to match the grasscloth wallpaper. You actually do not match it, though. The natural grasscloth (non-dyed), is not designed to be matched. Even the other type (dyed type) usually has a disclaimer that says not to expect the material to match any other colors.

The Best Adhesive for Grasscloth

When you are putting up your grasscloth wallpaper, you may wonder what the best adhesive would be. Unmodified potato starch is the best option. Anyone in the world should be able to obtain that. It is best to use something like this to be sure the wallpaper sticks. You should not just use anything because of the way the grasscloth is made. Stick to the unmodified potato starch for the best results.


The quality of the grasscloth wallpaper is extraordinary. People usually claim the texture of the grasscloth to be beautiful. Although you can’t match things to it, a lot of things will look great in the same room as this wallpaper.

It is important to know about grasscloth before you go out and purchase it and try to put it up. It’s not totally like other wallpapers and should be handled differently in some cases. Do your best to research it before applying it to your walls.

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