What You Need To Know About Tree Removal Service In Aurora CO

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Home and Garden, Tree Service

If you have unhealthy trees on your property, not only are they unattractive, but they’re dangerous. Tree diseases and pest infestations can spread to other trees on your property. Dead trees can fall on your house or car and cause expensive damage. Before the dying trees around your home become hazardous, contact a professional company for Tree Removal Service in Aurora CO. Below you’ll learn more information about hiring a company to remove dangerous trees from your yard.

What causes trees to become diseased and unhealthy?

There are various diseases and pests that can attack your trees and eventually cause them to die. Common fungal tree diseases include scab disease and diplopia. Trees are also susceptible to pest infestations such as borers, mites and Japanese beetles. If your trees look unhealthy or if you notice that they’re infested with insects, contact a tree care service to examine your trees. If a tree disease is caught early enough, it’s often possible that the tree can be saved.

Should a tree that’s been hit by lightning be cut down?

This all depends on the damage that was done to the tree by the lightning strike. If the lightning traveled down the trunk of the tree to the roots, the tree will eventually die. If the damage was done to only a small portion of the tree, a tree care specialist can prune the damaged areas and the tree will probably survive. If the tree begins to die, it should be removed as soon as possible so that it doesn’t fall.

Is it safe for a homeowner to remove a tree or should a professional be called for this service?

If you don’t have any experience cutting down trees, it’s best to leave this job to an experienced crew. Cutting down a tree can be dangerous work, especially if the proper safety precautions aren’t followed. Instead of taking a chance of being injured, contact a qualified company for Tree Removal Service in Aurora CO.

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