If You Have a Pool Salt Chlorinator, Consider Your Many Other Options

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Home Improvement

It used to be that the arrival of summer brought with it the distinctive smell of chemical chlorine. Most swimming pools were cleaned with this type of chlorine, which while perfectly useful and effective, carries its own set of potential problems to go along with the smell. As science has perfected the art of pool cleaning over the years, so too have people become more aware of the potentially harmful effects of using liquid or chemical chlorine regularly. This goes beyond the merely irritating redness of the eyes, which is itself one of the past memories of summer.

Rid Yourself of Summer Pool Red Eye

Clearwater Pool Systems wants to help rid your summers of those red eyes, as well as faded swim trunks and that lingering liquid chlorine smell. Using a pool salt chlorinator to clean your pool might be a great way to get the helpful effects of chlorine without the smell, but the truth is that it might not be enough. It’s not just algae and bacteria you have to worry about, but viruses, too. A pool salt chlorinator might be able to handle some of the workload of a basic pool cleaning, but it won’t get rid of those viruses any better. We have a better, safer way to do just that.

Utilizing the process of ionization, which is basically just the electrical release of silver and copper ions that effectively kill viruses, bacteria and algae, Clearwater Pool Systems ionization technology helps clean your pool less invasively than liquid, solid or salt chlorinators ever could. Blocking photosynthesis in algae, and breaking through the defenses of bacteria and viruses, ionization is a far more effective tool than chlorine.

The Natural Alternative to Chlorine

Yes, in a very short amount of time, we can and we will help you enjoy crystal clear water that smells more natural and doesn’t have harmful effects on your skin or your eyes. You’ll wonder how it is you managed to rely on chlorine for so long, and we’re sure you’ll thank us for the effort. We think you’ll agree that a chemical free pool carries with it many obvious benefits, for both you and your family and the surrounding environment.

Chlorine is a toxin which has many harmful effects on the human body. As helpful as it is, chlorine cannot get rid of viruses as effectively as an ionizer can. You can dump all the chlorine you want into a pool, but it won’t help get rid of the viruses any better. Rather than rely on liquid chlorine, solid chlorine or salt-induced chlorine, consider our safe and natural pool ionization options to get rid of algae, bacteria and viruses in your pool in a way that leaves your pool swimmable all summer long.

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