Are You Having A House Built; Or, Thinking Of Renovating An Existing One?

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Actually, it does not need to be a residential house; just about any structure that people will go inside of will have two things in common – doors and windows. This will apply everywhere that these structures are being built; but, for now, let’s look at window installation in San Antonio Texas.

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At one time, mere holes in the walls were considered sufficient since the purpose was to allow those inside to look out and to let light in during the day. Of course, lots of other things could come in as well; some were pleasant – like a cooling breeze on a hot day. Others like dust, rain and intruders were most unwelcome. Something was needed that could block off the hole but still allow those inside to look out and daylight to come in. Glass proved to be the answer and has largely remained so until this day.

However, over the years we have wanted more and more from the open spaces in the sides of our buildings. Bigger sizes, fancier shapes, more color and tints, patterns and, most particularly, a way to open and close them. For a while, wooden frames with two pieces of glass that could slide up or down over each other (by way of a sash cord) were, possibly, the most popular despite cords that broke or jammed and rot or other problems in the wooden frame. Hinged opening has largely taken over particularly for small to medium sizes; but, horizontal sliding still plays an important role on larger sizes and patio type doors.

Wood frames still have their supporters but modern plastic materials (such as ultra-violet light proof PVC) and aluminum have gone from strength to strength because of their lower cost and maintenance free longer life span. Most of the metal and plastic frames do not even require painting. People renovating older buildings are more likely to rip out the old wooden frames and replace them with aluminum or plastic. This is also the popular choice on new construction.

The old practice of only having a single pane of glass has also virtually disappeared in favor of “double glazing”. Sunlight is not only bright, it can also be quite warm and sunlight falling on a single layer of glass will soon transfer heat into the room inside.

Conversely, if you are spending good money to achieve climate control indoors (air conditioning in summer and central heating for those cooler winter nights) you money can be literally sucked out of even a closed window if the temperature difference is passing through the glass. Two layers of glass with an air space in between go a long way towards avoiding this. When you contact someone like Shaw Company Remodeling for window installation in San Antonio; they will advise you on both the decorative and the environmental aspects.

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