Advantages Offered by Metal Antique Ceilings New Haven CT

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

For those who have a vintage inspired home, they can complete the historical look and feel by installing Metal Antique Ceilings New Haven CT. While they look extremely unique, these tiles also offer a number of advantages over more traditional ceiling material options. Once a homeowner learns about the advantages, they can contact a service to have the ceiling tiles installed.

Designs Offered

There is a vast array of designs and styles offered when a homeowner chooses Metal Antique Ceilings New Haven CT. Some of the most popular finishes include tin, brass, copper, chrome and white. They can choose from a number of different tile designs, including geometric shapes, diamonds, beaded patterns and squares.

Maintenance and Cleaning

When tin ceiling panels are installed, they will be able to be easy to clean because they will not stain. With periodic dusting, the tiles can remain clean and looking great for an extended period of time. Once the tiles have been installed, the homeowner will not have to spend excessive amounts of time on maintenance, since they will not attract the growth of mold or development of rust.

Repair Process

If repair is needed for the Metal Antique Ceilings New Haven CT, the process is quite simple. In fact, homeowners have the option to purchase several extra tiles when their ceiling is installed so that they can easily replace one if it becomes damaged. This will save time since they will not have to wait for the tile to come in from the manufacturer or for someone to arrive at the home to install it. DIY installation is a definite option with this type of ceiling.

Installation Needs

It is not possible to attach the tin ceiling directly to a plaster ceiling. Prior to installation of the tiles, a wooden frame will have to be put in place, and then the tiles will be nailed to that.

More information can be found by individuals who decide to browse our website. Take some time to explore the options and learn whether or not metal ceiling tiles are the right option. By being informed anyone can make an educated decision regarding their ceiling.

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