How to Prepare for the Installation of a Steel Entry Door in South Jersey

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Doors And Windows

Residential entry doors serve many important functions. These movable structures help insulate a home, keep it safe from unauthorized entry. An Entry Door in South Jersey also serves as an ornamental device that can add curb appeal to a home. When installing this type of prehung door, it’s essential to prepare so the job can be performed more efficiently. The following information can assist with this task.

When installing an Entry Door in South Jersey as a do-it-yourself project, it’s important to have the right tools beforehand. This will save a person from having to venture the store while a home is left exposed without an entry door. Some supplies a homeowner will need to include a spirit level, tape measure, cross-head screwdriver, 16d finishing nails, insulation, pry bar, hammer, caulking gun, wood shims, caulk, and reciprocating saw. A person will also need about 15 to 20 #8 screws that are three inches long. The insulation used should preferably be foam or fiberglass. When in doubt as to what is needed, a specialist at a home center can assist with the selection of supplies.

When shopping for a steel exterior door, it’s important to remember that this type of door is pre-hung. This door will consist of the door itself, the frame it hangs from, and hinges that attach the door to the frame. This type of door will also have mortices for lockset and deadbolt. Remove the trim around the old door. Care should be taken not to damage the wall or door opening. Take two measurements of the door opening’s height, width, and depth. It’s advisable to determine the way the door opens. The new door will need to be purchased based on the location of the hinges on the door frame.

This is only part of the preparation work needed to install an exterior door. When a person needs help, he should get advice from a professional or talk to an employee at a local home center. For more information, contact us or visit the website of Steel Doors Inc. This company offers numerous types of doors including residential, commercial, and accordion.

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