Reasons to Consider the Installation of a New Roof in Norman

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Roofing

While residential roods are built to last for a long time, situations do arise that call for the installation of a New Roof in Norman. Being aware of those possible causes makes it easier for a homeowner to know when to call a contractor and find out if some changes are in order. Here are some signs to keep in mind.

Mold and Mildew in the Attic

While the roof seems to look fine, a visit to the attic proves that something is not quite right. The rafters have mold, and some of the items stored in the attic are beginning to mildew. While the leak may be small, it is enough to cause a lot of damages. Unless something is done, more than just replacing some shingles will be in order. A contractor can assess the situation and determine if some type of repair will correct the problem or if opting for a brand New Roof in Norman is the most prudent move.

After the Storm

The weather was severe last night and included a great deal of wind. One look out the window the following morning is all it takes to confirm that the roof is in trouble. With broken shingles littering the lawn, there is no time to waste. An emergency call to a contractor will determine the extent of the damage and what must be done to protect the home. Since the roof has already been around for a long time, replacing it rather than attempting to make repairs will likely be the most practical financial approach.

Selling the Home

The time is approaching to sell the home and move to a smaller house or apartment. To get the best possible asking price, have a professional check the roof. If it is not likely to last more than a couple of years, choosing to replace it could boost interest in the property and increase the amount that the owner can reasonably expect to get for the home. A higher sales price translates into more money to go into savings or toward that new place.

For anyone who thinks a New Roof is in order, call a contractor today. It will not take long to settle on the cost and type of roofing that will provide the most benefits.

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