Types Of Driveways

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

There are many different types of driveways in Rutherford, TN. It can be difficult to choose which kind of driveway you are interested in constructing. There are many styles and materials that can be used to make your driveway a unique part of your property. Driveways can provide a major aesthetic component to the outside of your home and can be made to fit the character of your home. Below are some of the different types of driveways you may want to consider.

If you are a homeowner who favors class, a cobblestone driveway may be the way to go for you. Cobblestones are extremely elegant and can give your driveway a very clean and classy look. Each stone is often arranged in a unique pattern that can be custom created to fit your desire. Before the stones are laid, the ground will be leveled to ensure that your driveway looks level and desirable. Many homeowners are enthralled with the cobblestone look and choosing this look could greatly elevate the aesthetic beauty of your home.

Asphalt is another material that can be used to construct driveways in Rutherford, TN. Asphalt can be arranged to replicate cobblestones if you want to aim for that look. Surprisingly, asphalt is very popular to use for driveways and is very aesthetically pleasing to many homeowners. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to cobblestone, you may want to consider asphalt as your product of choice.

Some homeowners choose to go with a tarmac style driveway. People who are concerned about design may not choose this alternative as their number one choice. Tarmac is much more durable than other materials and can withstand a high amount of vehicle traffic. In addition, it can provide a great surface for family activities such as biking, basketball, and other outdoor games.

Finally, you can choose to construct your driveway with concrete. Concrete is by far the most affordable material to use for driveways in Rutherford, TN. Unlike other materials, concrete doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance and is extremely durable and strong. Having a durable driveway is important to many people who are driving in and out of their driveway several times a day. Using concrete to construct your driveway can still prove to be quite the aesthetic statement when you add decorative tiles around the area of your driveway.

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