Basement Waterproofing Lancaster Experts Discuss Your Problems with Leaks

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

A leaking basement is nothing to take lightly. There are many problems that can occur if your basement leaks for an extended period of time so it’s important to fix those issues as soon as you can. Your basement waterproofing Lancaster experts discuss common leak problems and what you can do about them.

Causes of Basement Leaks

There are several things that can cause your basement to leak. One common cause for newer homes is the drain tile that is installed. It can get clogged with sediment and silt which causes it to back up with water. This can leave standing water around your basement floor. Another common reason for a leaky basement is the perimeter of the home. If the ground slopes in toward the foundation, rainwater will travel towards the foundation and find its way into your basement. There are other causes of leaks as well, including cracks in the foundation and flooding in your area.

Where the Water Comes From

There are several sources that can contribute to a water leak. The most common source of a leak is through a crack in your basement wall. But another common source of water leakage is the seam where the wall meets the basement floor. Hydrostatic pressure can also cause water problems in your basement. This is when the water penetrates through cracks in the floor. A basement waterproofing Lancaster professional can help you determine where the water is coming from so they can determine the best way to deal with the incoming water in the most effective way possible.

Other Problems with a Leaky Basement

In addition to water in your basement, there are other problems that go along with a basement that leaks. For one thing, you may notice a musty smell. If this occurs, you’ve probably got a more serious issue on your hands besides a bad odor. When you notice a musty smell, it’s probably because you have mold and fungus in the air. This can trigger allergy problems and respiratory issues so it should be addressed right away.

Another problem you might notice with basement leaks is a white chalky substance on your basement walls. If you’ve seen this, it’s the bonding agent that holds your basement walls together. The agent is starting to break down due to the water and moisture that’s in the walls. Over time, the lime will seep out of the wall causing this to occur. You may also notice some brown stains on the wall, which is acid damage from the clay that surrounds your home.

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