The Advantages of Building a Home in Bellingham

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

Building a home in Bellingham and being the first owner has many advantages whether it is flexibility, convenience or efficiency. Regardless of the economic climate building a home in Bellingham makes more sense than it ever did.

New homes do not require near the amount of upkeep as older homes do. It is not only an issue with the age of the home; it has a lot to do with the modern materials that are used in building a home in Bellingham.

The thoughts of being able to make your home reflect your style, needs and tastes are most appealing. Nothing can equal having a home which reflects exactly your taste in cabinetry, paint colors, carpeting and other floor coverings, appliances and all the little finishing touches that make a house a home. Building a home in Bellingham allows the owner to plan out the way the home flows, one room to the next and to arrange the rooms themselves to suit the specific purpose. If your dream includes a gourmet kitchen or a games room then building a home in Bellingham is the ideal time to make it all happen.

Existing homes may have certain charms but there is absolutely nothing you can do about the layout. The layout may have been appropriate for the original owner or the times, but unless you have the money for major renovations, you are going to have to accommodate the home rather than have the home accommodate you. Building a home in Bellingham allows you to put an emphasis on flexibility which allows for an evolution as your needs change.

Modern homes have larger kitchens which include state of the art fittings and fixtures. Today’s home may have a built in wine refrigerator, a wood burning oven, built in multi-media options in the family room and closets with built in storage systems. Building a home in Bellingham allows for the flexibility to install precisely what you want, take full advantage of any and all possibilities for the modern home.

When building a home in Bellingham the owner will find that there are many options available to “go green” which provide for greater efficiency and a more comfortable environment. Modern building materials are far more efficient than those used in the past and energy savings alone can often offset the price differential between an existing home and the cost of building a home in Bellingham. Solar panels, tankless water heaters, indoor air filters are just a few of the things that modern homes can have which make them more cost effective and environmentally sound than ever before.

Attempting to retrofit an existing home with today’s modern products will pose nothing but problems. Building a home in Bellingham allows for all built in cabling for sound systems, additional electric outlets, ports for electronic equipment and wireless internet are all perfectly feasible with a new home.



Building a home in Bellingham – Lexar Homes build new homes that are state of the art, built to standards that exceed the minimum state building codes which result in a superior home that costs less to operate.

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