Attractive Nuisance and Liability: Temporary Fence Rentals

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

Sometimes an area needs to be cut off. Putting signs up can help reduce your liability, but temporary fence rentals can actually keep people out. There’s a lot of argument to be had about the nature of liability and tort law, and whether or not you should be able to face a law suit for the damage someone else incurs if they trespass where they know they’re not wanted. However, it’s often worth avoiding the legal headache by investing in a cheap solution. Construction companies tend to have their own temporary fencing, but for a private home owner who’s doing a project  fence rental can solve the problem.

When machinery is replaced or installed there can be a period where a redundant or broken system is left on the site. Arranging pick up can sometimes cause a delay, and some things look interesting for kids, ore teenagers as somewhere to climb on or drink on. Whether it’s fair or not, if there’s an injury all it takes to start a law suit, once one is started, even if you win it’s going to be expensive. When evaluating the cost of temporary fence rentals it’s important to keep it in the context of what the least amount you’re going to have to pay for your legal defense is.

For a homeowner, having a septic tank or a well worked on can result in a sizable hole in your yard can be a real risk. Once again the same problem applies, the hole might not be as cool to climb on as an old external propane tank, but if a kid falls down it (intentionally or not) because you didn’t wall it off you might be facing a rather unfortunate law suit. Temporary fence rentals can be made by contractors, or by individual homeowners and property owners. Thankfully it’s not something that obscure contacts are needed for. No matter what your stance on tort reform is, it makes a lot of sense to be proactive and protective. Especially in the case of handling a hole, or dangerous site on your own home, even if you don’t think you’re responsible for injury that is incurred, it will be inconvenient and unpleasant to handle that happening right in your back yard. Now, the final question is why rent and not buy? Usually purchasing is the long term solution, and if you know you’re going to have a dangerous place that needs fencing for quite a while then it might make sense to buy, but for something that’s a one off project, and won’t be up for a very long time, then temporary fence rental makes more sense.

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