Green Building Technology

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Many construction companies are building more green buildings than ever before. It seems that individuals and businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to save money and time. “Going Green” is a great new way of life that seems to be working for everyone. People all over the world know the importance, of keeping the environment safe. They also know how vital it is to protect the Ozone layer, and the earth’s natural resources. Everyone is doing their part is helping to save the earth, and protect it from pollutants and other dangerous elements. This is done by eliminating or cutting back on carbon footprints.

Everyone has played a part in damaging the earth, whether it was intentional or not. Now it is time for everyone to give back. Green Buildings are one way to contribute or give back to Mother Nature. Green Buildings usually contain one or more noticeable energy saving features. Some building owners choose to have solar skylights installed, as a means of providing direct sunlight, without the use of electricity. Modernized green buildings are designed with not only natural lighting, but natural heating and cooling ventilation. It is important to note that installing energy efficient windows and doors and stores play an important role in the structure of green buildings. Windows keep heat and air from escaping outside the home or building, and they also keep air and heat from entering a home. This depends on what seasons the windows are used in. In the winter time, heat is stored in the home and during the summer time; air is needed inside the building.

Doors which are well constructed, and with the proper weather stripping, also plays a vital role in designing the perfect green building. Weather stripping prevents both heat and air from escaping. Green buildings also contain energy efficient appliances such as hot water heaters, and reservoirs. Some buildings have a storage system that stores rain water or used water, recycles it and makes it usable once again. It takes a lot of work to set up green buildings, but the savings they bring can save homeowners thousands of dollars.


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