Floor to Ceiling Partitions

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Until recently, I was working from home on a project that I firmly believed had some money making potential (just so long as I was prepared to put in the work and effort involved). Well, I am now more than ever convinced that I had got it right.

I gave up my “day job” and spent a lot of time getting my concept out of my head and into a practical form that I could then show to prospective customers. All I needed for this stage of my project was lots of time and a small space in which to work. My old job had been pretty lucrative so; I not only owned a decent size home but also had some capital to both invest in my concept and pay my bills while I worked on it. To minimize expenditure, I converted my den into a work space and started out.

Everything went as well as I could reasonably expect, the concept became prototype and my amateur marketing produced sufficient “interested” clients. Round about this point, my “home office/workshop” was obviously becoming too small. I needed to bring in some more people – both as investors and as basic staff (hopefully a bit of both from each additional body).

Actually, finding the people was fairly easy. It was finding the space for them to work in that proved to be a bit more of a challenge. My concept requires more “thinking” space than actual physical workshops; so I was looking for a suite of offices with some spare space. Nothing on the market fully met my needs so I settled for a large, totally open, enclosed space; which is when I first came across Floor to Ceiling Partitions.

The work that my new partner/employees will be doing requires most of them to be free from distractions; so, I was not impressed with those “cattle pen “style arrangements where the air above each workstation is totally open. My staff not only deserve an element of privacy, their work demands separation from outside distractions. Utilizing Floor to Ceiling Partitions was, obviously, the way to go.

I was amazed at the variety of layouts and designs that are now available, doors, windows, solid panels; you name it they have it and in a selection of materials that is both attractive and practical. I have now been in my business long enough to call the new premises my “company HQ” and everyone thinks it is a great place for both employees and visiting customers.

Space Plus’s website at http://www.spaceplusllc.com features stunning photos of their interior space solutions. From beautifully designed partitions to unique sliding doors that are both functional and efficient, Space Plus is dedicated to helping their clients create the unique, modern spaces that they crave in their homes and offices.

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