Historical Wood Flooring Available in Westport CT

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Flooring

Can you imagine the excitement you’ll feel when you’re walking on centuries old wood from historical antique buildings and barns? There are many species of old woods that can be turned into flooring, furniture and paneling. Click on westwoodflooring.com and read about the varieties of wood that can be refinished and made to look beautiful again. Some of the buildings were condemned and the wood has now been reclaimed and worked by professional experts who have kept the old wood from being destroyed. Leaders in the wood reclamation industry specializing in bringing this type of wood to homeowners or business owners has partnered with a very well known wood flooring company in Westport CT.

Some wood options available are teak, hickory, walnut, various types of oak and cherry, birch, beech ash, pine and maple. These are just a few of the types of woods you can have refinished and made into a special flooring or furniture without having to cut down a live tree to do it. You’ll be walking on a piece of history and wondering who also walked on this wood long before you were born.

When the Wood Flooring Westport CT company creates a look of distinction, just for you, in your home or business, you can be sure it’s going to make a statement about you, your success and personality. The company can come to your home or business and work with one board at a time to make sure you receive the look you want. The wood can be stained, varnished, dyed or waxed. It can be fume, smoke, or bleach treated to give the wood various colors and distinct textures that won’t be found in other homes.

The Wood Flooring company that residents rely on also has other types of flooring to choose from that can be installed in the home. For those who are environmentally conscience, the wonderful warm feeling and the softness of a cork floor is a sound choice for flooring, as is the hardwood bamboo flooring that lasts long and is environmentally friendly. Cork because it is harvested by peeling the cork from a mature tree that will recoup and bamboo, because the tree is actually a grass that can grow many inches overnight.




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