Why Rubber Doors Are So Beneficial

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Home Improvement

Tough rubber doors have certainly increased in popularity over recent years. Rubber doors are extremely durable, and they can withstand a range of tough weather conditions without showing any signs of wear. Over time, metal and glass doors can start to deteriorate. This is especially the case if you live in an area that is prone to heavy winds and hail. Rubber doors are a much better alternative. They can withstand even the heaviest of hail without being dented or marked. Rubber doors come in many forms, and they can be a great investment to any business owner. Whether you operate heavy machinery, or simply want a hard wearing door that will last for years, you can be sure to have it all with a quality rubber door.

Double Angled Bottoms and Breakaway Tabs

Some rubber doors come with double angled bottoms and breakaway tabs. This is especially beneficial to those who operate heavy machinery. The rubber door itself can withstand heavy impact without any issue, while the breakaway bottom helps the fixtures around the door to stay intact should a collision occur. Rubber doors offer a huge range of benefits to the owner. The shut speed is close to 36″ per second on many models, so you don’t need to wait forever to open and close your containers. Rubber doors do not creak like metal and steel doors either. They open and close smoothly and quietly.

No Pulleys, Ropes, or Hinges

Rubber doors are in most cases manually operated. This eliminates the need for pulleys, hinges, or other mechanical devices. You don’t need to worry about your door getting jammed, or having to perform a lot of maintenance. The system itself is very long lasting, and this alone will save you a fortune in maintenance and repair costs over a long period of time. Rubber doors are great for storage industries, as forklift trucks are often used to transport goods or cargo in storage containers. Bumps and scrapes are a regular occurrence in these industries, and over time this can cause damage to your machinery. Rubber doors absorb impact, so the machinery will not be damaged heavily if a small collision should occur.


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