What You Need Auto Detailing Supplies in West Palm Beach For

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Home Improvement

Auto detailing refers to cleaning, polishing and waxing the inside and outside of a car. It is an extreme process and the final result should declare the car eligible for an automobile show. It therefore goes without saying that a proper detailing job will require all the good quality auto detailing supplies available in West Palm Beach.

These supplies have a very specific use. They are however very simple supplies like detergents wax and polish. Special supplies include special pieces of cloth of different fibers, applicators of specific consistencies and specific detail clay. All these auto detailing supplies are available in West Palm Beach. This is what they achieve.

1. Cleaning the car

This is the most basic part of detailing. The cleaning is very extensive and covers the whole car, inside and out. Windows, exterior, chrome trim, paint, wheels and tires should all be sparkling clean when the cleaning is done. Scratches have to be removed and stubborn stains be washed out completely.

The interior is simpler to clean since it does not get into contact with a lot of dirt. The upholstery and carpeting has to be vacuumed and brushed. Where it requires steam, polishing or liquid detergent it will be used. No effort is spared to ensure a proper job.

2. Polishing

The exterior has to maintain its ‘good as new’ spark. Polishing ensures that this is achieved. It reduces the appearance of scratches and keeps it looking great.

3. Protecting
Maintaining this look as long as possible is paramount to the car. A paint protection film can be used to keep the paintwork from damage of any kind.

You can also get your engine degreased; cleaned using steam or pressure and you can even get them to clean under the hood. If these services are not part of the package you can ask for them maybe for an extra amount of money since they are also very important for the life of the car.

Detailing may indeed be detailed but it does not include bodywork. Painting, repairs to the upholstery and any mechanical work do not fall in this category.

When detailing is done properly it gives the car longer life by preserving the exterior. Every car owner would not mind a few years added to their car’s life. It also increases the car’s resale value so it should not be looked at as regular cleaning.




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