Prevent Water Damage by Hiring a Qualified Hail Inspection Company

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Home Improvement

According to the FASH, or the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, hail causes a substantial amount of damage to homes every year. This amounts to the cost of more than $1.6 billion in repairs, making it a major problem for those who live in weather intensive areas.  There are several things that you can do to try and prevent this from causing further damage to your home.  When inspecting your home, make sure to check the downspouts. When hail comes down hard on roof shingles, it can degrade the shingle itself and it can also dislodge the granules. If this is severe, then you may notice the fiberglass coating underneath the roof. This will most likely lead to severe water damage if not immediately repaired.

When to Call for Repairs

You should call a roofing company in Columbia IL if you ever notice parts of your shingles missing. This is the main form of damage that lets water into the home. Your home will be at a higher risk of water damage if your roofing tiles are considerably older since this means they may already be weakened in terms of age. If guttering and downspouts have kinks or dings, then you should call for repair services. Once water freezes it causes your drain pipes to expand, then split and eventually crack. This could contribute to excess water building up around the edges of your home, and again this is something which should be repaired.

What to Do about a Leak

If you do have a leak, then you should contact your roof repair company immediately. The longer you leave the leak unattended, the more damage the water is doing to a home. This will cost a lot of money in the future, and a simple shingle repair is all that is needed to stop a leaking roof. Your roof repair company can give you an estimate before the job is performed, and schedule you in as soon as possible if the leak poses a threat to your home.

ASAP Contracting USA is a trusted roofing company in Columbia, IL. They specialize in hail damage repair, and have what it takes to care for all of your guttering and roofing repair needs.

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