Why Raccoon Removal in Reynoldsburg is Necessary

by | May 15, 2017 | Home and Garden

When picturing cute, cuddly raccoons, you may have images of Ranger Ric from the National Wildlife Federation in mind; however, if the trash cans have been upended by these pesky creatures, you know they’re more pest than adorable creature. In fact, raccoons can pose a number of problem for residents, and for this reason, Raccoon Removal in Reynoldsburg is a growing business. The removal of raccoons is not something the average person should attempt on their own, but one that requires expert handling. After all, raccoons can pose various threats.


The thing to keep in mind is that raccoons are not a pet! They’re wild animals and a danger to any existing pets you may already have. These round eyed, little animals are the most common carriers of rabies in the US, but this is not their only claim to fame. They also can infect your dog or cat with roundworm, mange, and distemper. Pets can contract these raccoon-carried diseases simply by coming in contact with raccoon waste, so it’s imperative to take Raccoon Removal in Reynoldsburg seriously.


While it’s a nuisance to have to pick up garbage cans, the raccoon can do far more damage than that. Noted for their expertise in foraging, the raccoon often makes its den in a chimney, attic or inside the walls of a home. They create holes in a home’s drywall, damage wiring and can contaminate the home with waste.


While raccoons are not likely to attack, they are still wild animals which should stick to the forests. Defensive when they feel threatened, they could attack if they felt their young were in danger. Neither children nor adults should ever attempt to pet a raccoon as bites and scratches could result.

If the home you live in is experiencing an influx of these foraging critters, don’t try to take care of it yourself. Instead, call experts who have years of experience ridding homes and businesses of wild animals. Find more information about how to make your home and yard safe from these and other animals and keep your home intact and safe for all inhabitants.

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