The Beauty Of Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

by | May 16, 2017 | Windows

When people sit back and dream of the perfect bathroom, they invariably begin with the shower. A shower is a place that people know intuitively how they want it to look and how they want it to make them feel. There is no doubt that showers using custom glass in Chicago is the heart of any bathroom.

When the shower in your home is poorly designed, your day will simply get off on the wrong foot, conversely when it is well designed and is fitted with that which you want it is far more than four walls keeping the floor dry.

A major mistake that many people make when designing their new shower is leaving it to the last minute. Custom glass in Chicago takes the time to prepare properly, but without it, the expense associated with beautiful tiles, flooring, and lighting can be wasted money.

Frameless enclosures are the epitome of beauty; these enclosures allow you to highlight the fact that your bathroom is your own personal spa, reflecting your style and design concept.

What should be considered?

The best shower enclosures are those that look like they are an integral part of the home, a space using custom glass in Chicago that makes the room unique, not a room that was chosen from a catalog and simply dropped in the room.

Is this something that should be done by pros?

A frameless shower enclosure can be quite complicated; the least little error can result in leaks. It is always best to have the installation work done by the same people that did the design and prepared the custom glass panels.

Although there is a lot to be said for a frameless shower enclosure many homeowners are taken with the looks of a framed design. A framed shower enclosure is a little less demanding when it comes to accuracy, but it tends to look less custom than a frameless shower.

If you are looking for a custom glass in Chicago, be it a shower enclosure, a custom glass top for your table or a custom cut mirror you are invited to contact Lakeview Glass, Inc.

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