The Roof is the other foundation

by | May 16, 2017 | Roofing


Every good homeowner knows how important a good foundation is for a home. Without a good foundation, homes can sink, and even rot away amongst other issues. What many people do not realize is that the roof is just as important as the foundation of a home. Many contractors even view the roof as fundamental as the foundation is. That is why finding a good roofer here in Charlotte, NC and everywhere else is so important.

Energy Efficient

Having a roof over your head is important, the next most important thing is having a high-quality roof over your head. Roofs need to keep out water in order to prevent mold and structural damage, keep in heating and cooling, and they need to be well built and long lasting in order to survive storm damage and other severe weather. A high-quality roof will do all of these things and even lower maintenance costs on a home and monthly utility bills. R Brothers Restoration can repair and replace roofs in order to keep a house or business functioning like it should and looing well too.

Curb Appeal

Many people have become enamored with curb appeal thanks to home improvement shows on TV. However many people think curb appeal applies only to a nice lawn or unique paint color when in fact one of the biggest aspects affecting curb appeal is the roof of a home. Roofs obviously provide a tremendous amount of functionality to a home but they can also provide curb appeal when done well, which is why it is so important to find a good roofer. R Brothers Restoration in Charlotte, NC offers a free assessment and once completed they gift a $250 voucher for use toward minor repairs. If R Brothers Restoration does a good job for you and you refer a friend you’ll even receive a $200 credit towards future repairs and roofing needs.

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