Maintenance of Fire Doors in Washington, PA

by | May 17, 2017 | Garage Doors

Do fire doors really require maintenance? And, if they do, when and how should a person go about checking one?

As with most life-saving products, a fire door must be checked on a regular basis to make sure it functions properly before its use in an emergency. Its maintenance should be thought of along the same lines as the testing of a fire extinguisher or a smoke detector.

The slightest modification to this door or its surroundings could impact its performance negatively. Periodic checks (at least once every six months) should be carried out, or even more regularly depending on the volume of traffic making use of the door. A maintenance checklist is available to ensure all items are checked correctly. Always remember to maintain fire doors properly because failing to do so would make one liable to face prosecution under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety)

Fire doors are usually the first line of defense during a fire. Their accurate specification, management, and maintenance could be the difference between life and death for occupants of the building. Nevertheless, they remain an area that has seen significant neglect. They are usually the first thing that gets downgraded and mismanaged and routinely end up being damaged, propped open, and badly maintained.

Over the ten years since the Fire Safety Order was introduced, fire door breaches remain the single most common fine that is implemented. A fire door may not also be the fire exit door and can be recognized by a blue sign which says “FIRE DOOR KEEP SHUT” at eye level. Most buildings such as offices, homes, factories, schools, hospitals, care homes, restaurants, bars, libraries, shops, and sports centers in addition to other buildings that people use on a daily basis require Fire Doors in Washington PA.

Fire and rescue services often encourage home and business owners to properly check the condition and operation of their fire doors and carry out repairs if necessary or report the ones that are inadequate. If an issue is noticed, it is best that the Citywide Garage Door Co., Inc. specialists in all types of Fire Doors in Washington PA, be called to take care of all repair and maintenance needs.

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