Who Needs The Roofers Of Bolingbrook IL?

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

The answer is obvious – anyone in the area that has or wants to have a roof over their heads. Those occupying existing residential, commercial or industrial buildings will need to have their roofs regularly inspected if they are to avoid unexpected leakage of water through them and into the building. Those contemplating having a new building constructed will, at some point in the process require the services of well qualified Roofers In Bolingbrook IL.

The Roofer’s Job

Outside of the trade, this is not concisely defined. Usually, it is a carpenter who will construct the wooden framework of rafters, beams and trusses that will support a pitched roof (or a welder when these are metallic). The outer, visible part of the actual roof itself could be likened to a cladding placed above the support framework and the roofer’s job is to install this cladding.

Roofing shingles are possibly the most used cladding – especially on residential buildings but, shakes, tiles and other nail on products can be used. Both metal and plastic sheetings have long been popular for commercial application but these are gaining residential popularity due to their long life potential.

Keeping A Roof In Good Condition

Depending upon the design (including shape and contour), size and materials used for its construction, there can be many areas on a roof where problems might occur. Assuming that the owner of the building does not wish to go upon his own roof and do the work himself; a prime job for contractors employing Roofers In Bolingbrook IL is to send out suitably qualified personnel to inspect roofs of all types. They will be looking for things like damaged or moved roofing materials; internal signs of water leaking in from the roof; build up of dead leaves or other debris blocking roof drainage systems; standing water trapped on the roof; missing (blown off) chimney or vent caps; deteriorating flashing and mortar; etc., etc. – the list is nearly endless and not all potential problems are clearly visible. It is also important to investigate the reason(s) behind any observed damage since there could be hidden sources that might make it re-occur after repair.

Prepare An Inspection Report

The contractor will provide a full assessment of the roof’s condition to the client along with a list of suggested actions that need to be undertaken. They will also provide an estimate for the cost and duration of the required repair, replacement and/or maintenance work.

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