When Do You Need Foundation Repair in Fairfax?

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

It is not always simplistic to know that the foundation of your home needs repair. Does a hairline fracture in the cement make that big of a difference? You may be wondering about the moisture in your basement, too. Are these concerns? The short answer is yes – you should have a professional that specializes in foundation repair in Fairfax take a closer look at it.

What Are Concerning Signs?

When you turn to our team at Apex Waterproofing foundation repair is encouraged whenever there is any risk or evidence of damage present. This extends beyond your basement, too. For example, if you have windows and doors that no longer shut properly, that can be an indication of a foundation problem. If there are cracks on either the interior or the exterior walls, that is also concerning. Specifically, outside, we look for zig-zag cracks on brick walls, as this is a concern related to the foundation’s integrity.

Should You Repair It?

The sooner you seek help with foundation crack repair, the more options you have for making those improvements. This is also a good time to talk to our team about any other service you need, such as basement waterproofing. The goal is to ensure the property is properly protected from any risk. A customized repair addresses the problems at your home.

When you need foundation repair in Fairfax, or you think you may need it, it is best to call a professional out for a full consultation and inspection. With basement waterproofing and foundation crack repair, you can significantly improve your property’s structural integrity in many cases. The key is to have our team out to your property as soon as possible to inspect it. Do not wait if you think you have a problem.

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