What You Need To Know When Selecting The Best Roof Exhaust Fans

by | May 15, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Roof exhaust fans are installed in the ceiling of commercial kitchens, residential and commercial bathrooms, and many other settings. Selecting the best roof exhaust fans is contingent upon the setting and its intended use. There are two main types of fans and these include axial fans and centrifugal fans. Axial fans are ideal for installation in smaller sized spaces such as small bathrooms, powder rooms, and laundry rooms. Centrifugal fans are better suited for larger areas like big kitchens or as an alternative to range hoods.

When selecting your roof exhaust fans you will need to keep certain points in mind such as the area space measurements. Calculate the width, height, and length of the area and then you will want to multiply that number by the amount of air changes the space requires. Typically if the area will house showers, 15 air changes would be needed and 10 changes would be needed for a toilet room. Using this simple method can assist you in installing an exhaust fan capable of providing sufficient ventilation for the space it will be installed in.

Which type of roof will the fan be installed in?

Another consideration to make when selecting roof exhaust fans is the type of roof it will be installed in. There are different models available for both metal and tile roofs and depending on the type of roof installed in the property, that will decide the type of fan you select.

Low consumption fans

Low energy consumption fans will result in a reduced energy bill which is ideal for both residential and commercial property owners. When selecting a fan, keep in mind the consumption levels and opt for low consumption fans whenever possible.

Keeping these points in mind will help you in your selection of roof exhaust fans.

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