Ways To Decrease The Use Of A Marble Repair Kit

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Marble is a metamorphic rock, closely related to base limestone but considered to be more decorative and elegant than limestone. Created in a wide range of lush and sensuous colors, marble outshines and is more sought after than its plainer counterpart, limestone. Even though marble is a much more eye-catching stone, it is actually quite vulnerable and high maintenance.

Marble is susceptible to:


Marble only ranges between 1 and 4 on the MOH scale of hardness. This indicates it has a softer surface making it more liable to be etched by things such as fruit juices soft and drinks.


Marble is porous and sensitive to chemicals. As a result, spilling specific items on it can result in the appearance of stains.

The easiest way to maintain the look, feel, and quality of your marble is to buy a marble repair kit from MB Stone Care and Supply.

How To Avoid Using A Marble Repair Kit

While having a marble repair kit in your house is necessary, you should try to decrease your dependency on it. Try eliminating a constant reliance on a marble and stone repair kit to take care of any potentially marring issues. The best way to do this is to adopt a proactive stance – to be aware of what you should do and, more importantly, what you should not do in respect to your marble countertop.


  • Clean up spills ASAP

  • Place trivets and other similar products to prevent direct contact between hot dishes and marble

  • Protect the surface form such sharp edged items as silverware as well as abrasive china

  • Coasters must accompany all full glasses, particularly those holding fruit juice, alcohol and soda pop


  • Never use any harsh chemicals on marble or stone

  • Never employ abrasive cleaners

  • Never scour or use scouring powders

  • Avoid cleaners containing bleach, acid, ammonia or other similar chemicals

These are a few tips to avoid using marble cleaners and repairers. Yet, in case you or your guests do have an accident or forget, it is always good to keep MB Stone Care within easy access. 

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