Tree Felling May Be Necessary When a Tree Displays Trunk Damage

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

It can be difficult to remove a tree, especially if the tree has been part of the landscape for a fairly long period. However, there comes a time when it is not wise to maintain a tree, especially if the tree displays a large number of dead branches and exhibits a large amount of damage on its trunk.

In these situations, it is usually important to schedule tree felling services, particularly if half of the tree is damaged. If you note trunk damage, it will normally be in the form of seams, dead branch stubs, and vertical crevices. If the damage is severe, the tree normally cannot be saved. However, if the scars cover less than one-fourth of the trunk’s circumference, the tree still has a chance for survival.

Is the Tree Posing a Hazard?

Tree felling should always be considered if a tree’s tops or limbs are posing a hazard to a home or people. However, like the trunk, if under one-fourth of the branches are damaged, in some instances the damage can be corrected. It just depends on the tree’s location and the extent of the wounds.

Is the Tree Lopsided?

A tree can also be cabled if any tree felling activity would pose a problem. However, if a tree is lopsided because one side displays dead branches, it normally is a sign of trunk or root damage. Therefore, a careful evaluation of the tree should be performed before a decision is made to remove the entire tree.

If you note that a tree is leaning in your yard, you need to contact a professional in the field, such as Jose Martinez Tree Service, Inc. In this instance, any leaning signals weakening roots. Therefore, the tree should be removed without delay. A tree that is leaning over 15% from its vertical stance should be eliminated immediately. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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