The Role Of Misting Dust Suppression Systems

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Dust can hang everywhere. While, for some, it may seem harmless, to others it comprises a potential health risk. Dust can pose several problems in various industries. This is why companies who want to follow the health regulations, keep their employees safe and reduce the different problems attributable to dust, install some form of dust suppression systems.

Why Is Dust an Issue and Concern?

Dust can be an impairment and health hazard in many different industries. In construction, it can impede site and carry contaminants. Inside, on factory floors, it can also cause concern for the quality of the air the employees breathe. Overall, dust can cause several serious issues in an industrial setting. It:

* Can create problems with machinery causing some to fail sooner than expected increasing costs while decreasing efficiency
* Effect motors causing them to overheat
* Be a factor in bearings wearing out
* Be instrumental in many lung and other health problems including bronchitis, emphysema, COPD, silicosis and pulmonary cancer
* Increase operating costs through energy efficiency
* Be contrary to the dust pollution legislation re: air quality

These are several solid reasons why an industry endeavors to have in place dust suppression systems.

Types of Dust Suppression Systems

Essentially dust suppression systems can be divided into two types. These are:

1. Wet suppression
2. Dry collection

The first type uses either water spray or specialized chemical foam to help suppress the dust. The latter relies on various filters as well as special bags to gather the dust. It is then disposed of properly at a later date.

These major dust suppression systems are available in diverse sizes and shapes. One of the more popular types is actually the misting system. It has gained in popularity for several reasons.

Dust Suppression Systems: Using Misting

The implementation of misting dust suppression systems reduces the instances of the dust particles causing issues. Any airborne dust is attracted to the minute water droplets. It then hits the ground and, thus, airborne dust particles are eliminated from the workplace. At the same time, the fineness of the mist does not negatively affect the product. It also refreshes the environment improving air quality and reducing humidity.

Overall, misting systems prove to be very effective in dust suppression. They provide many industries with the ability to improve working conditions and decrease potential mechanical and environmental problems. Among those who turn to misting as dust depression systems are:

* Compost
* Coal
* Grain
* Vegetable packing facilities
* Quarries and minerals processing
* Recycling and waste processing methods

When it comes to selecting the right type of dust suppression systems for your business, consider misting. It is effective, efficient and very cost-effective. By employing misting as your dust suppressions systems, you are helping your employees and your bottom line at the same time.

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