Planning For A Successful Renovation

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Doors And Windows

Your house is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and the best part of this investment is that not all of it has to be money! Sweat equity is a bit of a buzzword right now, but it is an old idea and for good reason. Putting in a little work on your home is a great way to take ownership and create the perfect feel for your living space. Customizing your kitchen, bathroom, backyard and front yard are all big projects that can be broken down into smaller projects that can be scheduled down the road. Compartmentalizing these projects is a great way to take daunting projects by the horns and get them started sooner than never.

Renovating: The Tentative First Steps

The planning process of a redesign or renovation is easily the most fun. It’s easy to get carried away and imagine what your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom could look like if had all the money in the world, but for most of us there is a budget. Staying on budget is key. Without a budget, your renovation could turn into a nightmare. If you do not stay on budget, your renovation could wind up unfinished, shoddy or needing an expert and even more money. The best plan is to stay within your means and do the best with what you have. A great way to stay under budget is to save on materials. This does not mean buying cheap materials but educating yourself on everything that is out there and make decisions from there. For example, you could buy vinyl laminate flooring that looks like hardwood and is often easier to take care of for a fraction of the price of hardwood or you can use MDF (medium-density fiberboard) for your door panels, drawers and cabinets. MDF door panels are a great way to create a custom look throughout your house without spending a fortune on solid wood doors. There has been an influx in demand for custom interior doors and as a result, MDF door panels have become very popular because you can order them in almost any style you can think of. MDF is a less expensive alternative to wood that is more stable and produces a smoother surface for painting and finishes.

Using Resources In Your Community

Getting in touch with your community of homeowners and renovators is also a great idea. Research if there is any rebuilding/recycling business in your area that accept building material donations and resell them. These are an excellent place to save money on items such as tiles, sinks, lighting fixtures and other bathroom materials. Again, planning your renovation can be fun, but it should be a lot of work. The work you put in on paper will save you money and time when you’re actually getting down to the real labor.

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