Styles To Consider In Exterior Wrought Iron Doors

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Doors And Windows

With years of experience in designing exterior wrought iron doors, we are very pleased to be able to offer an amazing selection of stock doors. We also can work with you to create just the custom door you have always wanted, and on our gallery page you can see just how elegant, sophisticated,  and classic these doors will be.

If you are trying to narrow down your selection of exterior doors made with wrought iron and our double sided obscure dual pane glass, it is a good idea to consider the look you wish to achieve. From there, you can narrow down your choices based on the design elements in the door itself.

Arched, Rounded and Square

We have different designs in our exterior wrought iron doors, both in single and double doors, which include arched, rounded and square shapes to the top of the door. The choice of shape has no effect on the strength and durability of the doors, but it does provide a unique look.

The square shape of the top of the door adds crisp, clean lines which are duplicated through the interior glass panel in the door. To soften the look, you can choose a more ornate, flowing or curled wrought iron design. For a more classic look consider straight vertical lines as the prominent feature in the wrought iron design, giving a very traditional, solid and European look.

Rounded doors and arched doors both have the rounded top, but the rounded doors have the shape continue to the sides in one flowing line. The arched doors have a more square look where the door sides connect with the arched top.

Adding curled and interwoven designs that have that rounded element looks beautiful on either of these door styles. Sidelights can be added to round, arched or squared doors to bring in more light and add to the beauty of the door itself.

Double or Single

Double exterior wrought iron doors are very popular for larger homes and custom built homes. As they are literally twice the size of the single doors, there can be more design elements or more intricate designs possible without looking overwhelming.

These doors can feature traditional curled, twisted and straight elements in the wrought iron itself. With more ornate or simple, elegant choices in our stock as well as custom doors, we know you will find just the design to match your home’s architectural style.


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