3 Easy Tips for Customizing Your Home

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While you want your home to be well decorated and fashionable, it’s also easy to end up with a painfully generic interior if you don’t make a look your own. Flipping through interior design magazines can be great inspiration, but you don’t want your home to be a rip-off of the same things you’ve already seen. Here are three simple tips for how to design a home that’s truly your own.

Furniture Coverings

Custom furniture upholstery is one of the easiest ways to create a unique look in your living space, especially since there’s a wide range of Designer Upholstery Fabric out there. However, don’t just stop there. You can warm up a room by ensuring that your furniture is also upholstered the right way. House Beautiful advises that skirted furniture can take a room from uneasy to grounded. For example, having a sitting chair that has spindly metal or wood legs can give off an austere quality that may not be particularly welcoming. Unique upholstery fabric, on the other hand, can provide a sense of personality and warmth.

DIY Decor

There are many DIY projects you can find online, and they’re worth taking the effort to try. Some of them are also very simple and don’t take much time at all. For example, most households have some sort of message board posted next to the front door. This might be a memento board held together with ribbon, a corkboard, or a magnetic plate. However, to make a message board your own, all it takes is some pretty fabric with a generic office-style corkboard behind it. Glue a sheet of fabric over the corkboard, and it’s magically transformed into a customized pin board with minimal effort involved.

Finding Affordable Art

Affordable art is simple to find, yet many people still opt to buy overpriced, generic department store paintings. Instead, hop on the Internet to find beautiful art at reasonable prices. There are many artists out there who aren’t selling their paintings and drawings in commercial galleries or department stores, offering their art at rock bottom prices. If you don’t want to invest in a painting, you can also purchase signed prints. Do a simple search for original artwork when you’re shopping online, and you’ll find an endless number of possibilities.

Creating a home that reflects your personality where you’ll also enjoy spending time is as simple as incorporating a few custom tweaks. Whether you go to a company like Wolf Gordon that provides fine upholstery fabrics or just want to make a simple DIY pin board, creating a uniquely designed home is only a few details away.

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