Landscape Design in Clearwater: Harvesting Beauty Around You

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, and that’s exactly what a beautiful garden is. A perfect garden is supposed to look good and make you feel proud in the presence of visitors. A perfect garden should also help you to relax. Traditional gardens can be formal or informal, but nowadays in the world of landscape design, most gardens are a balanced mix of both.

Hiring a landscape designers for the perfect mix of landscape design is a great way to have a beautiful garden in Clearwater. But before you go rushing into hiring a landscape designer, it’s important that you know at least the basics of landscape design theory, so that you know your way around this subject while discussing it with the landscaper in Clearwater.

It is important to remember that landscape design is an art that is comprised of a mix of Unity, Variety, Character, Propriety, and Finish.

Here is a brief description of each of these aspects for your convenience. These aspects are the basis of all basic types of garden designs like the Natural Style, Architectural, and the Picturesque all appropriate in Clearwater.

  • Unity – the aspect of Unity in any landscape stands for one basic idea prevailing throughout the dynamics, and all supporting details are subordinate to it. While discussing it with your landscape artist, it is important to remember that one particular element needs to be decided upon and adhered to consistently throughout the design.
  • Variety – to prevent monotony it is important to have variety, even with unity. Having unity by no means stands for sameness and therefore there is still room for variety. If done right, the two can complement each other perfectly. Therefore, make sure that while there is unity in the design, the designer is experienced enough to add some variety to it as well.
  • Character – your garden must be a reflection of yourself also. Therefore, make sure to add some character to your design with the help of the landscape designer. Bird houses, bright floral accents, or other such characteristics might seem inappropriate to some people, but they display a lot of the owner’s character through them.
  • Finish – finishing in gardening means tying all the design elements together. The kind of plants, the garden accessories used and the landmarks used, all are part of this process.

These are a few of the basic aspects of great landscape design in Clearwater. Your landscape designer will talk about these things, so it will help to know what they’re saying. This will also help your landscape design professional figure out just what you are looking for in a great Clearwater garden.

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