How Your Business can Save Big with Hand Dryers

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

One of the biggest concerns that people have about Restroom Hand Dryers is the price. The initial investment can seem a bit high, when you have a budget that has already been minimized and cut. However, once these businesses understand the long-term savings that are offered, along with the lower amount of maintenance, reduction of waste and health benefits, they often change their tune.

The fact is that cost is not a customers’ only concern when they are considering outfitting a bathroom with appropriate hand drying equipment. The actual decision making process will be dependent on three main areas: need, cost and any alternatives. It is crucial that a distributer understands each of these elements in order to find the hand drying system that works best for a particular customer.

The Hygiene Factor

With a number of communicable diseases, for example SARS, around, hygiene has even more importance for businesses. This has increased the popularity of touchless washroom fixtures for their public restrooms. With this equipment, they can address any hygiene concerns, while reducing the amount of cleaning necessary for the washroom.

Hand Dryer Affordability

Even with the benefits offered by this equipment, in some cases the ultimate decision is based on the actual cost. Distributers of hand dryers have identified several elements that equate to the total cost of the hand dryers for customers: the actual cost of the dryer; the cost of installing the dryer; the maintenance of the dryer; and the actual cost associated with running the hand dryer.

While a touchless hand dryer is usually more than a traditional paper towel dispenser or even a dryer that works with a button, overcoming cost objections can be achieved by relating the long-term savings and benefits that are offered.

The Extended Savings of Touchless Hand Dryers

The difference in making a sale, or not, can come down to convincing a business of the lifetime of savings and the convenience that is offered by the hand dryer. When a business is seeking the very best drying system, they may only consider about getting what they need, with the least amount of cost. Taking the individual past the idea of the ultimate result – dry hands – and focusing on the healthy system and money saving benefits in the long term, is what can help to make the sale.

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