How Tree Care in Oshkosh WI Plays A Vital Role In Protecting Your Home and The Landscape Around It

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Trees are unique structures in that they have an unmatched ability to help sustain our lives on earth through oxygen production as well as providing beauty to the world around us. However, their ability to do both depends on how well we care for them each day. If you’re a homeowner who hasn’t given much thought to the trees on your property, read on to find out how regular tree care can be an important protective measure for your home and the trees that surround it.

Protecting Your Family
Trees that are not well-cared-for are a danger to homeowners and their visitors. Trees that have not been properly pruned may have weak or diseased limbs. Unfortunately, it can be hard to predict when these branches may break away, endangering the health (and possibly the life) of anyone in that area. Tree Care in Oshkosh WI prevents this from happening and ensures that your home remains a safe place to be.

Protecting The Tree Itself
If you value the beauty and function of the trees surrounding your home, it’s important to know that regular tree care is what keeps them healthy and strong and prevents their ultimate failure. A tree maintenance specialist will be able to diagnose and treat fungal diseases as well as prevent and provide remedies for insect problems. Furthermore, regular pruning can help correct any structural issues, as a tree that grows in a balanced way is much less likely to fail.

Protecting Your Landscaping
Believe it or not, fungus and insects can affect more than just your tree. Because both are considered living things, it’s very easy for both to spread from any tree to the other parts of your landscaping. Before you know it, insects could be infesting and eating away at your other shrubbery and flowers. If you’d rather not deal with a yard full of dead plants and trees, it’s best that regular Tree Care in Oshkosh WI becomes a part of your landscaping to-do list.

The trees on your property can provide both beauty and shade for your home’s landscaping, but only when you take the time to make sure that they receive the necessary love and attention. If you know you need to take better care of your trees, visit Jack’s Lawn and Landscape, Inc. on Twitter to get tips about arbor care and to find out how you can contact a maintenance specialist today.


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