How to Safely Remove Glass from a Broken Window

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Home Improvement

Whether you own a shop, run a business out of an office or simply have the accident at home, if you accidently break the glass in a window you want to know how to remove the glass safely before the Glass Replacement Boise needs can arrive. Injury can occur from shattered glass shards as well as from shards that might remain intact in the window frame. Here is a step by step safe glass removal process for you to follow when a window is damaged on your property:

1. First look for some heavy leather gloves to avoid getting cut. Then clear away the largest pieces and place them in a box as a garbage bag will tear and may poke out and slice or injure someone.
2. Use a vacuum to remove the smaller shards and remove and dispose of the vacuum bag or empty out the canister right away. A Shop Vac is best for this type of job.
3. After vacuuming take a wet paper towel with the gloves still on and do a sweep across the floor to remove any small shards that might not have been removed by the vacuum. Do not use household cleaning items such as sponges or wash clothes as tiny pieces of glass may remain and cause injury when used again.
4. If the accident happens in a carpeted area vacuum as thoroughly as possible as small shards can be pushed into the fibres and cause cuts.
5. Check the window seal and inside the frame for any other signs of glass and vacuum this area as well.
6. Do not try to remove, break or knock out any glass that might remain in the frame. This is very dangerous. Instead cover the window with wood or cardboard and call a professional glass or window replacement service. Use heavy duty tape to secure the cardboard and if you do not have wood or cardboard handy look for something such as a tarp.
7. Post a clear sign warning people of the danger outside and in, especially if it is a business where injury can occur.

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