A Few Options For A Kitchen Makeover

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Home and Garden

The kitchen is one of the more frequently used rooms in most homes and as a result it can look old and tired after a few years. When you reach the point where you simply can’t stand looking at the place any longer, it is time for a makeover. The nice thing about a makeover rather than a full blown renovation is that even the smallest things can make a world of difference. There is no need to change the complete cabinets for example when new cabinet doors will add a whole new dimension to the room. A new floor surface, perhaps new appliances or even door hinges and drawer pulls makes a big of difference.

One of the most common makeovers is to replace the cabinets. This can entail installing brand new cabinets or simply painting them. For those who are on a limited budget, painting is a good option however when the cabinets are changed completely the purpose of the cabinets can be changed to keep up with the changing demands in the kitchen.

Changing the floor also will give the kitchen a new lease on life. The floor coverings that were used some years ago are simply not attractive today and replacing the floor is not difficult nor is it time consuming. Some of the attractive floors are cork, hardwood and ceramic tiles. As floor colors are quite varied there will not be a problem matching the rest of the room.

An excellent choice for a kitchen makeover is to replace the countertop. This change can be quite expensive if the choice is granite or marble. Composite materials are available that have a similar appearance and when the countertop is installed along with new Cabinet Doors and hardware, the results are striking.

Changing the appliances has a duel benefit, not only are they modern and up to date, the models today cost considerably less to operate as they are designed with energy saving features. In many cases there is no need for professional help during the installation as the appliance store looks after this when they are delivered.

It does not have to cost a great deal to totally change the look and feel of your kitchen, if the cabinets are still in excellent condition, just installing new cabinet doors is ideal.

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