How to Know It Is Time for Pest Management Services in New Canaan

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Landscaping

While one of the best ways to avoid needing any type of pest control is to keep the home as clean as possible at all times, this is not always enough to keep pests away. Here are some signs that mean it is time to contact Pest Management Services in New Canaan CT to resolve the issues and take care of those pests for good.

There Are Insects in the Home

While it is nearly impossible to keep all insects out of the house, it is possible to determine if there is a deeper issue at hand. For example, most insect remains can be found in windowsills because they are attracted to light. If most of the insect remains on the windowsills and around the home are the same type of pest, this could mean the home is infested with that species. In most cases, if there are insect remains everywhere, there are likely live insects somewhere in the home as well. Calling a pest control company to take care of this problem is the best route to take.

Spiders Are Everywhere

While seeing a spider every now and then is nothing to be alarmed about, spotting spiders on a regular basis in the home means there are probably enough bugs alive in the house for those spiders to live off of. Contacting Pest Management Services in New Canaan CT is a good idea to resolve this problem.

Wood Damage Is Evident

Both rodents like rats, squirrels, and termites can cause significant damage to a house as they burrow and look for food and shelter. A good way to determine if this is an issue is to look for chewed wood or sawdust around the house. Termites create tunnels in the wood and will leave droppings around the home as signs that they are causing damage. It can take a while before one sees these droppings, so it is best to have a pest control company take a look at the home to make sure termites are not slowly destroying it.

The signs above mean it is time to call a trusted and reliable company nearby to look at the house. Contact Pest Control Services and set up an appointment.

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