What Elements Can Be Included In A Commercial Landscape Design In Monterey CA?

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Landscaping

Purchasing that commercial property as an investment was a smart move. Now, the focus is on getting the property ready for prospective tenants. That means paying attention to the grounds as well as the building interior. Here are a few of the points that need to be considered carefully during the development of the commercial landscape design in Monterey CA.


There is no doubt that at least some trees will be part of the commercial landscape design in Monterey CA. Where they need to be placed will depend a great deal on the intended function of the property. Perhaps using the trees as a way to create islands of green in the parking lot would work. Dividing the lot into sections and using rows of trees to define each one does more than improve the look of the property. It also means some of those parking spaces will be shaded during the day. Remember to choose trees that produce full foliage but are not likely to generate sap at different times of the year.

Decorative Shrubs

Shrubs are also a nice way to add some green to the property. Shrubs can flank the entrances, serve as a way to soften the hard angles of the building, and even outline walkways. They can also be used to help define outdoor areas where employees can take breaks and enjoy a breath or fresh air.

Paved Paths

Asphalt and concrete are both options for creating paved areas around the landscape. There is no reason why a combination can’t be used successfully. For example, asphalt may be the product of choice for parking areas, but concrete is used to create sidewalks in front of the building, paths to the entrances, and maybe even a patio area that is used for different types of employee events.

When the plan is to transform an older property into something that tenants will find appealing, Visit K & D Landscaping, Inc. today and arrange for a professional to visit the grounds. Talk about what elements can be added to what is already in place and how to use them to best advantage. With a little time and planning, the grounds will look better than ever.

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