Why Landscaping In Winnetka IL Is A Smart Choice For Homeowners

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Landscaping

When people buy a house, they instantly begin thinking about how they are going to decorate the interior. More often than not, however, the exterior is forgotten. Yards are left barren and patios are empty. Landscaping in Winnetka IL is a great way to bring the outside of your house back to life. Having a well-manicured yard is a smart move for a few different reasons.

Curb appeal is very important to the property value of a house. The better maintained the yard and patio areas are, the higher the resale value becomes. If the outside of a home is not attractive, potential buyers will keep driving. Even if you don’t have plans to sell shortly, having a professionally landscaped yard boosts home values for the rest of the neighborhood. Landscaping in Winnetka IL doesn’t have to be hard. Start by making a few simple changes. Consider laying fresh sod if the grass is dying. A colorful flowerbed is always a nice touch by entryways. Plant some easy-to-care-for shrubs around the home’s perimeter. If your yard is prone to flooding in the rain, have a French drain system installed by a landscaper.

Well-thought-out landscape ideas can also help homeowners save money. Did you know that houses without trees typically have higher energy bills? Trees provide shade, which helps keep homes cooler in the summer. They also help shade outdoor living spaces, making entertaining guests a lot more comfortable. Other plants, such as vegetable and fruit plants, provide produce. Imagine eating juicy tomatoes from your garden or picking a fresh orange from your tree. This alone can help you save a bundle of money at the grocery store.

Having a green yard doesn’t mean you must have a green thumb. Any homeowner, no matter their skill level, can have the yard of their dreams. A consultation with a landscaper will help you figure out a design that is easy to manage and maintain. Landscaping in Winnetka IL will not only make your yard look nice, but it will also boost your property value while saving you money at the same time. Contact Shelly’s Landscape Contractors, Inc. for more information.

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