High-Quality Roof Installation in Waukesha Wisconsin

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Roofing

Manufacturers of roofing materials vary greatly, and some experienced companies choose to use products from only a few of them. Using high-quality products means that Roof Installation in Waukesha Wisconsin will last longer, and better protect the home, the occupants, and belongings. Strength, integrity, and warranties tend to be better with certain products. Shingles made by Atlas or Certainteed, for example, are available in a variety of colors, styles and grades to suit any roofing needs. Companies with decades of experience, like Siding Unlimited, for example, have tried many manufacturers and decide on one or two to use when providing services.

There are additional ways homeowners can protect their investment when getting new Roof Installation in Waukesha Wisconsin. Ice and water shields can be added to materials to increase protection of the roof and the property. Synthetic underlayments can strengthen a roof and provide more energy-efficiency, saving homeowners money on utility costs. Replacing gutters and adding gutter protection will also prolong the life of a new roof, as well as better direct water away from the roof and the foundation.

Correct measurements and sizing of gutters and down spouts to the home are important elements to the gutter system. An exact fit means there are no seams, which eliminates the chance of leaks in the down spouts. The pitch is also important as it dictates the flow of run-off water. A pitch that is too steep will leave excess water near the foundation of the home. That can cause leaks, cracks, and shifting of the foundation. The Pitch that is too gradual will allow water to collect and freeze in gutters and down spouts. That leads to major damage of the system.

Gutter protection, such as guards and screening, prevents leaves and debris from blocking the flow of water. It also prevents the need for a homeowner to climb a ladder and clean out the gutters a few times each year. Replacing a roof without updating the gutters can be counter-productive. If water is not directed off the roof, leaks and puddles can be the result. Any roof, including a new one, will deteriorate quickly when subjected to water damage.

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