Considering New Kitchen Appliances Before Remodeling: What About An Oven With A Convection Setting?

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Home Improvement

Many homeowners like to include the installation of new Kitchen Appliances with an entire kitchen remodeling project. Upgrading to newer technology has its advantages, and the residents may also want new colors and styles. Whether the oven will be a freestanding model with a range or a built-in model, multiple optional features must be considered. For instance, many people love having an oven with a convection setting, since the convection process cooks food faster and has other advantages over conventional oven settings and microwave ovens.

During the convection process, a fan circulates the warm air around the inside of the oven. The cooking is not completed as quickly as it would be with a microwave, but convection does not change the texture of some foods the way microwave ovens do. Microwaves can make some foods tough, chewy or soggy.

Convection also results in more consistent, even cooking as compared with microwaves and even with traditional oven settings. Most people are familiar with the unpleasant experience of eating microwaved food in which the center is lukewarm, and the edges are hot. A conventional oven can produce uneven results when several racks are being used. Pans on the bottom racks can block heat from reaching the higher racks effectively. This isn’t a problem with convection ovens, as the circulating warm air heats the food evenly. This feature is excellent for baking multiple pans of cookies, for example. There is no need to move the baking sheets around to get even browning on all the cookies.

In some instances, the convection setting in these types of Kitchen Appliances isn’t useful. When cooking food in an enclosed container, the circulating air does not matter. A covered casserole, for instance, doesn’t benefit from convection heating.

Another option is to buy an oven without the convection setting and also purchase a standalone convection oven to put on the countertop. These are small appliances that look like toaster ovens; they are available at home improvement stores and other stores that sell kitchen equipment.

People who are planning a kitchen remodeling project and want to have new appliances installed might contact a company such as Kitchen Village Inc. The contractors will confer with the homeowners on designs and upgrades, and possibilities for a new oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. You can also watch video on the YouTube channel.

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