Heavy Equipment Rentals for Heavy Duty Jobs

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All types of businesses may find a reason to rent heavy equipment. Heavy equipment rentals tend to be for smaller construction companies or for people that take construction jobs as side jobs. This is imperative for people that do not need to make such a massive financial investment. Heavy equipment rental companies take the frustration out of the situation by providing quality rentals to those who need it. This is especially true for those in Canada who require services from companies that offer heavy equipment rentals in Ottawa.

Get Customized Rental Options from Professional Rental Companies

Every heavy equipment rental is different.  It all depends on the actual job that needs to be accomplished. Finding a heavy equipment rental company that is willing to work with you and plan the exact rental you need is imperative. For instance if a backhoe is needed, the exact size for the job needs to be determined, as well as many other factors. Not only will this efficiently complete the job, it will also save time and money. Professional heavy equipment rental companies in Ottawa understand that having the right equipment benefits not only the people renting the equipment, but also the rental company too.

Heavy Equipment Inventory Selection

1. Bulldozers – D3 6 Way Blade and D5 6 Way Blade
2. Rubber Tire Loader, Scoop, Forklifts, 4 Yard Bucket, Crane Attachments
3. 54” Smooth Drum Compactor
4. Track Loader 1 ¼ Yard Bucket
5. Tri-Axle Dump Trucks
6. Mini Track Excavator
7. Bobcat with a 42” Bucket
8. Backhoe 4×4 – 12” or 24” Ditching or 36” Trenching Buckets
9. Tractor with 55 Tone 6 Axle Float
10. Tri-Axle Dump Trucks with 30 Ton Tag Trailers
11. Track Skid-Steer – 60” Bucket, Rock Breaker, Forklifts and Hydraulic
12. Tractor with 36’ 3 Axle Dump Trailer
13. Rock Truck – 48,000 Pounds Payload
14. Truck Excavator 300 Series – 2 ½ Yard Trenching Bucket, Hydraulic Rock, 3 Yard Ditching Bucket
15. Truck Excavator 200 Series – 1 ½ Yard, Thumb Attachment, 60” Tilt Buckets, Root Rake

Multiple Heavy Equipment Inventory

When renting heavy equipment to businesses and the public, it is imperative to have a large inventory in which to choose. Renting heavy equipment consists of having more than just a backhoe in stock. There is a need for a wide selection in order to fit many different construction jobs. Since each job is unique, all types of diverse heavy equipment will need to be available.


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